Who is Maya Andreeva, the woman that had to receive 1.5 million...

Who is Maya Andreeva, the woman that had to receive 1.5 million euro for the ship BADR?


Maya Andreeva (right)

The kidnapping of the Libyan tanker “BADR” is a widely discussed scandal around the media. Bulgaria was accused of being part of this “pirate saga” by UN, together with the publicly “famous” Nikolaicho Gigov (weapon dealer), Dimitar Borisov with the nickname “The pot” (owner of “Titan” and “Bulgargeoming”) and the member of the European parliament Emil Radev. The name of Maya Andreeva was mentioned in the media investigation happening in the website “Bivol“ under the section “Consultation with the smell of blackmail”.


“They proposed a consultational agreement through Maya Andreeva, according to which GNMTC needs to pay 4.5 million euro to get the ship back. A part of the payment- 1.5 million euro, was pronounced to be completely non-refundable under any circumstances, no matter if the operation is a success or not. The other part of the sum was supposed to be paid after the return of the ship. Obviously an agreement for 1.5 million euro is ridiculous and we completely rejected the proposal and immediately notified Maya Andreeva with a formal email. She is the face that works closely with mr. Radev and I think she is his partner. As far as I’ve heard she is tightly connected with the Bulgarian government and its tourism department as well.”


According to the brief information there is about Maya Andreeva, she was born in 1982. She is graduating with a degree in law and is a freelance lawyer. Maya has been on the board of directors in “Sofia International Airport” since 2017. She has been vice-president of CEC in the period between 2011 and 2014 and also owner of the firm “Black Sea Consult” over 10 years ago.


According to its registration, “Black Sea Consult”’s headquarters are situated in this house in Varna:

Her mentions in the public have been mainly connected to suspicious designations and deals together with her close coroner and european parliament protege Emil Radev from GERB. Officially the two of them know each other through the sharing of neighbouring lawyer offices in Varna back in 2010. People around forums and sites start talking about their relationship regarding the hiring of Andreeva in CEC and in “Sofia International Airport”. Her intermediation in the BADR negotiations with GNMTC, that had to pay 4.5 million euro for the ship, also striked the public eye. A part of the payment- 1.5 millions were going to be non-refundable under any circumstances. The other part of the sum was going to be paid after the return of the ship.


There is very brief information and almost no photos about Maya Andreeva. We are listing only what we found, even though it isn’t a lot.


January 2008 – She is signed into Varna’s lawyer college.


July 2009 – Finds “Black Sea Council” and in March 2011 passes it onto Todor Gogov.


April 2011 – With the help of Emil Radev, only 29 years old Maya Andreeva is designated as vice- president of CEC.

You can find more information on Mediapool.bg: GERB’s member of parliament “set up” her office roommate.


During March 2014 CEC let her go and according to meeting protocols it was her wish.


In the period between 2014 and 2017 ms. Andreeva revives her career as a lawyer. She’s mentioned around her initiation in Varna’s municipal companies and described as semi-official representative of Emil Radev’s interests such as the protest causing change of “Pazari” EAD’s prosecutor- Varnautre.bg: The reform in “Pazari”- a bit of backstory.


“…On the 7th of March, while the legal and not-yet-released from duty prosecutor of the company Vladimir Mihalchev is on vacation, in the administration building the new burgundy enter to seal off his cabinet. They are led by lawyer Maya Andreeva coming from Emil Radev’s law firm. As for now it is not clear from what position ms. Andreeva started to demand documents from the workers and a list of “Pazari” EAD’s workers’ PIN.”


May 2017- Andreeva is hired on the board of directors of “Sofia International Airport”. The comments regarding the designation call this situation typical. Her professional qualifications don’t become clear, neither do her management abilities. More in Banker.bg: Casts in direct broadcast.


“The other addition in the board of directors (of SIA) is the freelance lawyer from Varna Maya Andreeva. According to public gossip Andreeva was grafted by GERB as a lawyer in the municipal company in Varna a long time ago and her positions aren’t a surprise for anyone in the sea capital.”

October 2018- According to her declaration in front of The commission of counteraction to corruption and withdrawal of illegal property she has no ownership in trade organizations. She has a mortgage in DSK bank with the size of 40 thousand euro.

December 2018- Maya Andreeva is mentioned as part of “Sofia International Airport”’s board of directors, which distributed 50 thousand BGN among each other despite the scandalous and inconvenient deals they have made. More in Offnews.bg


“Despite the already listed and many more scandals, the board of the airport is visibly happy with their work. For example, sources confirmed that the board (Vladimir Raponjiev, Asya Ivanova and Maya Andreeva) quietly voted Christmas prizes of 50 000 leva each.”


July 2019- In the “Bivol” investigation, Maya Andreeva is mentioned as the face that “works closely with Emil Radev” on the negotiations that Emil Radev led with the Libyan representatives about the freeing of the ship BADR. Its claimed that the consultative services of Radev and Andreeva cost 1.5 million euro that do not depend on the success of the negotiation.


Conclusion here- Fakti.bg- Eu Parliament representative wants 4.5 million euro from the Libyans to free the ship BADR.


December 2019- In the state newspaper Maya Andreeva is pronounced as a 2020 lawyer.


She has been the third member of the board of directors of Sofia International Airport since May 2017.


As for now her role in the pirate saga “BADR” is unclear.